Learn windsurfing with Eastwind on Bornholm

Learn to windsurf at Eastwind on Bornholm

If you want to learn how to windsurf, Eastwind’s windsurfing courses in Balka on the beautiful Danish island of Bornholm provide the perfect opportunity.

 Eastwind organizes four-day windsurfing trips from Copenhagen, so why not make time for a short vacation over on Bornholm, stay in one of its cosy little seaside villages and enjoy some great windsurfing 

Professional windsurf instructors

Eastwind’s instructors are all passionate, active windsurfers. Every one of them is trained and qualified to teach windsurfing at all levels, from beginners to experts. We have some of the world’s best windsurfers on our team, including Rasmus Øgelund, Denmarks top freestyle windsurfer.